Maxi letter boxes for postage-optimized shipping

These envisage the maxi letter as the largest possible letter version:

  • Width: 7 - 25 cm,
  • Length: 19 - 35.3 cm, 
  • Height: up to 5 cm, 
  • Maximum weight: 1,000 g.

These dimensions are not sufficient for many goods. Then parcels or parcels are required. However, small products weighing less than 1,000 grams are ideal for sending by maxi letter. As a result , you can save considerable postage costs as the sender of the goods .

Maxi letter in a bubble bag or in a box?

In addition to the typical paper envelope, there are two variants for shipping a maxi letter. One is a  bubble bag   or a mailing bag made of cardboard. This  packaging  is usually not suitable for all products. A sturdy box  is the better choice , especially for fragile or easily bendable goods  .

With us you will receive a selection of  boxes for shipping  as a maxi letter. These  boxes  offer a first-class compromise between light packaging and great stability. You can pack the goods quickly and get them on their way. During transport, the structure of the cardboard not only protects the goods from splashing water, dirt and damage, but also allows them to be stacked in several layers.

Top quality: stable boxes for maxi letters

Our maxi letter boxes are very stable and comfortable. Depending on the version, you not only get different sizes, but we also convince with additional features.

Buy Maxi boxes online

Buy our  cardboard boxes for maxi letters online


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