Height-variable boxes for more flexibility in shipping and storage

Advantages of height-adjustable folding boxes

Folding boxes with variable heights are the perfect supplement for logistics and shipping. These folding boxes not only impress with their high quality and stability, but also have another special advantage over standard folding boxes thanks to their three integrated scorers . Thanks to the additional grooves, the height of the cardboard box can be changed individually and flexibly and adapted to the corresponding content, ultimately resulting in a wide range of possible uses for the packaging process.

A height-adjustable box with many options for shipping

With this additional function, a single height-variable  carton  enables four different size and shipping options. The creases are at a height of 98mm, 140mm and 210mm. In order to vary the size of the box, the creases simply have to be cut with a  cutter knife  to the desired height and the box then folded at this height. The boxes are kept in plain brown and have an inside dimension of 590x390x284mm and an outside dimension of 600x400x300mm. The folding boxes are supplied pre-glued for unfolding and closed with flaps on the bottom and lid.

Functions of a height-variable carton

  • Protection function:

    • Effectively prevent damage during packaging, storage and especially during transport 
    • Less damage to the goods from environmental influences such as moisture, splashing water or dust 
    • Reduction of temperature fluctuations in the packaged goods
    • Simple  protection  of goods from extreme cold and heat
  • Storage function:

    • It is a storable folding carton with stackability and suitable dimensions for storage on pallets
    • Storage costs are saved through the use of optimized folding boxes made of single-wall corrugated cardboard
    • Stacking on pallets
    • Effective use of space
    • Suitable for stable compound stacking in combination with other sizes of folding boxes
    • Suitable for column stacking
  • transport function:

    • Stackable on pallets, secure grip for easy reloading by the logistics service provider, minimization of transport damage
    • Basis for lower picking costs
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