Automatic bottom boxes

Time-saving construction 

Automatic boxes are specially designed for particularly quick unfolding and assembly. They are designed in such a way that you only have to push the sides of the flat box apart and the box will unfold itself. This is made possible by the special automatic floor. This is already glued at a few points. Due to a special fold at an angle of 45 degrees, the floor folds up during assembly in such a way that a resilient lower part is created with a load capacity intended for the purpose. Due to this mechanism, this box is also often called erecting box.

By quickly unfolding into a stable and strong folding carton, you save a lot of time, personnel and fulfillment costs at work. The production and transport chain can be optimized and the flow of goods increases.

Added bonus: the self-adhesive closure 

In addition to the special automatic base, the boxes are equipped with a self-adhesive closure. This offers you an additional time advantage when assembling, because you do not have to fix the boxes with adhesive tape. Pull off the protection of the adhesive strip, press the cover onto the cardboard flap - and that's it! The automatic bottom cartons are doubly convenient: the bottom and lid are positioned with a flick of the wrist and the firm closure also reliably keeps contaminants such as dirt or dust away from the goods. 

Customer-friendly variant: automatic bottom boxes with tear-off perforation 

Our flash carton is not only designed to be advantageous for packaging, but also offers the recipient particularly customer-friendly unpacking thanks to a tear-open perforation. Customers simply pull on the perforation and easily open the sealed packaging. The perforation is made in such a way that the recipients can use a small tab to hold on to it and then tear it sideways over the adhesive surface.  

Automatic base boxes: Compact delivery in handy packages 

Not only do you save time and energy, you also benefit from a space-optimized concept. Because we deliver the boxes unfolded and stacked on top of each other as handy bundles. So you can store a large amount of these special and easily collapsible boxes in the smallest space.  

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