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Single Wall 3 Ply & Double Walled 5 Ply Corrugated Sheet using for Packing Boxes -

Single Wall 3 Ply & Double Walled 5 Ply Corrugated Sheet using for Packing Boxes

Single Wall Cardboard Boxes (3 Ply) are most commonly used for packaging lightweight products and are perfect for sending through the postal system. A single wall box is constructed using three layers of paper that are glued using starch into one single, sturdy sheet. The interior layer, called flutes or waves (the squiggly bit), play the biggest role in determining the box’s strength.

Double Walled Cardboard Boxes (5 Ply) are constructed using two layers of corrugated cardboard (flutes), with a liner board facing between them. This 5-ply construction provides added strength and stability. Corrugated cases constructed in double-wall are better suited for heavier weighted or higher value items, which demand a greater strength from the board. The double fluting also adds greater protection, by providing a strong cushioning effect, absorbing any shock which may occur during transit.

Difference between a 3-ply and 5-ply corrugated box is the layers of paper which forms the board from which the boxes are manufactured. The more number of layers will increase strength of the box. 5-ply corrugated boxes are generally used to ship heavy products. These boxes are capable of carrying 12 to 40 kgs. of weigh depending on the size and shape of the 5-ply carton. Using right carton for right application is necessary as the precaution always comes convenient than cures.

Single Wall 3 Ply Vs Double Wall 5 Ply Cardboard Boxes

 5 Ply Corrugated Carton: (Double Wall)

  • Double the protection of a 200 lb. test box
  • Protects valuable, fragile or your heaviest items
  • Use when extra stacking strength is needed
  • Recommended weight capacity is 40 kg

3 Ply Corrugated Carton: (Single Wall)

  • Fully dry & high strength
  • Made of single wall B/C flute corrugated fiber board
  • Manufactured using 25 ECT corrugated material
  • Great shipping box for gifts, office supplies, electronics, as well as other household items
  • 100% recyclable - sustainable & environmentally responsible
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