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Sub Himalayan Honey

Sub Himalayan Honey


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SUB HIMALAYAN HONEY : True to its name, this Himalayan Honey originates from the tress of the Sub-Himalayan Valleys. These valleys are known for its herbal plants and flowers and it is from this flora that the honey is hand harvested using eco-friendly and natural methods that protect the bees and preserve the natural pollen, vitamins, minerals and enzymes found in honey In the Himalayan region, due to richness in bee flora there is a great diversity in honey types.

Sub Himalayan Honey produced from each species and from each geographical area has its own color, flavour, aroma, texture and medicinal properties. The use of pesticides and chemicals is negligible, the level of dangerous chemicals in the atmosphere is insignificant and the environmental pollution is at minimal level. Hence the honey produced from such areas is purely natural, free of any residues and can be sold as an organic product.

Sub Himalayan Honey


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